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Outdoor lighting is a bright idea that sparkles year-round, and thoughtfully placed outdoor lights bring your garden to life. Forget about blinding spotlights on the garage doors and runway-style footlights along the front walk. EMCO lighting professionals know how to direct the lights to accentuate exterior features that matter and make them memorable.
Outdoor lighting is done wrong so many times, but a landscape that is properly lit is just magical. Clients should consider night lighting to highlight striking features and create dramatic shadows. Pathways, steps, gazebos, patios, walkways, trees and plants are just a few of the items EMCO LIGHTING designers can enhance with properly placed lighting.
Outdoor lighting opens up your outdoor living space, and extends the length of time you can enjoy the outdoors. Lights play an invaluable aesthetic role in the overall look of your home and garden, and add to the value of your home as well.
Terrific outdoor lighting should really be part of every good garden design right from the start, Well-lit landscaping adds depth and dimension to the experience of a garden, and creates a warm welcoming area for your family and friends.
Garden designers have strong opinions about lighting because outdoor lights and beautifully designed gardens naturally go hand in hand. Pretty garden features such as a particularly sculptural tree, a fountain or a rugged stone wall can be just as handsome at night as they are during the daytime. You don't want to overdo it, but proper lighting shows them off gently and tastefully.
Of course, outdoor lighting also can make your home and garden safer, but well-designed path lights do more than show visitors the way to the front door. They make the approach more interesting by setting up a play of light and shadows. The fixtures are often hidden, so you find yourself following the path and enjoying the experience, not marching in step with a chorus line of mushroom-shaped lampshades.

Lawn Care

1. The best time to water your lawn and garden is in the early morning hours just around sunrise and in the evening around sunset. Setting your automatic timer this way will give the ground a chance to absorb the water before it evaporates. Do not water during the hottest part of the day because water is evaporated into the air quickly before it has a chance to penetrate the ground and do your plants much good.
2. It is best to water thoroughly once or twice a day. Saturating the ground improves your water usage in two ways. First, since more water is locked into the soil it provides a more constant source of water throughout the day. Secondly, by deeply saturating the ground, you stimulate your plants to grow deeper roots, which improve their efficiency in absorbing water from the soil.
3. Using an automatic underground sprinkler system can be very helpful to homeowners, especially those without a lot of time to devote to gardening and landscape maintenance. An automatic sprinkler system for your lawn or garden will give you the lush green beautiful landscape you dream about. Sprinkler systems have evolved to include pop-up heads, fine mist sprays, large rotating discs, drip line irrigation, high risers, and many more innovative products to match your exact landscape needs.



Customer Referral Program

For 47 years EMCO has prospered by word of mouth and our relationships with Pittsburgh's premier landscape contractors. We want to thank those of you who continue to tell your friends and neighbors about us. Please pass our name around. If we install a job and they mention your name - $50 in EMCO SERVICE will be coming your way! Just call our office for more details.

New Irrigation Products

One of the new items we love is the wireless rain sensor. This high quality product saves water by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping the irrigation system from running in rainy conditions. We have also been installing creative DRIP irrigation systems in the finest homes and neighborhoods across the region. EMCO is responsible for many gorgeous potted plants and lush hanging baskets around the city. Using the latest drip technology, you'll never see the lines that deliver the water; you'll only see the resulting bursts of color and healthy foliage. Our EMCO technicians are also trained and certified to perform yearly inspections required by local authorities.

Mid-Season Evaluations

Maybe your controller needs to be reprogrammed to meet current watering needs, or sprinkler heads need to be adjusted to correct over spraying or leaks. That is exactly why we have created the Mid Season System Evaluation. The fee is $69.99 for up to 8 zones. (For each additional zone add $10.00) Our technicians will make a complete inspection of your entire sprinkler system, suggest necessary repairs and correct potential problems. The best time for us to observe your systems coverage is when everything is planted and in full bloom. The evaluations are performed in July and August, however we have limited appointments, so please call Carolyn at 412-793-2090 by June 1st.


For many years our customers have asked us about landscape lighting. We are excited to expand our reputation for excellence to include the design and installation of Kichler fine lighting products.
We have searched for the highest quality fixtures, and have perfected the latest techniques to highlight and improve your home or business. Landscape lighting is a simple way to extend the length of time you can enjoy the outdoors. Pathways, trees, steps, patios and decks can be enhanced with properly placed lighting. A well lit home is also an effective deterrent to potential intruders and adds substantially to the value of your home. Call today for a SPECIAL OFFER of $100 off the price of your new lighting system worth $1,500 or more.