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Automatic sprinkler watering - Sprinkler Service in Murrysville, PA
Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here you will find the questions our company president Tom Barone answers on a regular basis. When we asked him to write this page, he laughed and told us to follow him around one day. In plain language, we think Tom explains how our irrigation systems work, and how EMCO can be a great help to you and your family. If you have need of further information, please call Carolyn Szekely at 412 793-2090. For over 30 years Carolyn has been fielding customer's requests, so we are confident she will be able to assist you.
How does my underground irrigation system work?
EMCO designers come to your property to assess the size and coverage needs of your lawn and garden. Our sales people have over 40 years experience designing and installing sprinkler systems, so we pride ourselves on developing a perfect coverage plan for your landscape. Zones are determined and materials and head selections are made according to the particular plants that need to be watered. The automatic controller will be set up and programmed for you. At the pre-selected time, the sprinkler heads “pop” up and each section of your yard is watered. We can cover lawns, flower beds, tree plantings and new shrubs. Sprinkler heads are installed with lawn and plant areas for the best coverage. The amount of heads installed per zone is determined by the water flow and pressure at the point of connection.
When your underground irrigation is installed, minimal damage will be visible to the existing lawn. EMCO uses the newest technology and “pulls” the pipe underneath the ground. You will not see trenches or holes or tubes. The technicians replace any lose dirt, sweep all debris off paths and sidewalks…in other words, we leave the property in great shape.
How much water is used?
Water usage depends on how many zones we install on your property and how often the system is run. The automatic controller is programmed to run according to the needs of the lawn.
Is the product durable and what about a warranty?
EMCO is proud to offer a three year warranty on all parts and YES, EMCO uses only the top products from RAINBIRD, TORO, NETAFIM and IRRITROL. We use top quality replacement parts when necessary. Our customers have asked, and we are excited to expand our reputation for excellence to include the design and installation of KICHLER fine lighting products. Landscape Lighting by KICHLER can add substantially to the value of your home.
What about water conservation?
One of the new items we love is the wireless rain sensor. This high quality product saves water by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping the irrigation system from running in rainy conditions. Many of our clients are installing this new piece of technology on existing systems.
What is a secondary meter (sewage deduct meter) and is it worth installing one?
A secondary meter is a meter installed to measure just the water your home uses for the outdoors. (Outside water spigots and your sprinkler system) This water does not go through the sewage system and would not be calculated for a sewage charge. Yes, it is worth installing a secondary meter.